Austrian Airlines Baggage Policy

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The national airline of Austria, Austrian Airlines, was established in 1957 and has its headquarters in Schwechat, Austria, with jurisdiction in Vienna. Vienna International Airport serves as its principal hub. Austrian Airlines services 130 locations worldwide with affordable price.

Austrian Airlines has its main and most important hub at Vienna International Airport in Austria. This airport serves as both a hub for the airline’s passenger traffic and a point of transition for passengers travelling to other airports to reach their final destinations.

Austrian Airlines Baggage Policy

Before planning a trip, passengers should always go through the baggage guidelines of the airlines to avoid any chaos at the airport. Austrian Airlines Baggage Policy makes their service easy and simple. They believe in saving the customer time, so without wasting time, they can just call at +1(718)719-0464 and acquire the details of the baggage. They will guide you properly about the baggage requirements like size, free allowance, charges, prohibited items, and so on. Travelers’ all questions will be responded to instantly.

Free allowance for bags.

Bags that you can check in at no additional cost are included in your free baggage allowance. The size, weight, and quantity of free bags you are allowed depends on the cost of your purchase, the route of your travel, and your frequent flyer level. On your ticket or booking confirmation, you can also find details regarding your free luggage allowance +1(718)719-0464.

In Economy Class and Premium Economy Class, a single piece of cabin luggage may not weigh more than 8 kilogrammes. Passengers who have purchased business class tickets are permitted to bring two pieces of luggage, each weighing no more than 8 kg.

If a bag size exceeds the mentioned guidelines of the free allowance, then the additional charges will be applied. Charges will be varied according to the route, fare booked, and class of travel.

You may also transport a carrycot, a child’s seat, or a collapsible stroller for kids under two years old that weighs no more than 10 kilogrammes. You are also allowed to bring a “pocket buggy” on board as part of your allowed hand luggage.

Check-in luggage

According to Austrian Airlines’ baggage policy, the weight of luggage for Economy Class, Premium Economy Class, and Business Class varies. The maximum dimensions per piece of checked baggage on Austrian Airlines should not exceed 158 cm for all classes. In Economy Class, a passenger may take one bag or piece with a maximum weight of 23 kg, while in Premium Economy Class, a person may take two bags, each of which may not weigh more than 23 kg. Passengers travelling in business class are permitted to bring two pieces, each weighing no more than 32 kg. For more details, contact Austrian Airlines’ baggage policy +1(718)719-0464.

Prohibited Items

In order to protect the safety of all passengers on our flights, the following items(heat producing goods, small lighters, match boxes, and many more) are either limited from being brought on board or are entirely forbidden. If you carry them nevertheless, there’s a chance the items will be seized at the airport +1(718)719-0464.

Safety Guidelines

Only clear, resealable plastic bags (zip-loc bags) are permitted for carrying liquids.

Liquid, gel, and spray containers are only allowed to hold up to 100 ml. Instead of the actual content, the container’s maximum printed volume is used.

Put every separate container in a single clear, 1 liter-capable plastic bag that may be resealed (33 oz.).

Per individual, a single clear bag of liquids is allowed. Liquids must be displayed individually during the security check.


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