Austrian Airlines Check-In Number

Austrian Airlines Check-In  | +1 (718) 719-0464

Thank you for booking the airline tickets from us, here we provide a great check in policy to all of our valuable customers so that we can make their trip memorable and for this reason we provide customers many ways to connect with Austrian airlines.

  1. You can check in through visiting our official site 
  2. You can check in by calling our team 
  3. You can check in  using our automatic check in machines 
  4. You can check in by visiting at out airport counter 

Austrian Airlines Check-In  


Austrian online check-in is available from 47-1 hours prior to the scheduled departure time  and our web check-in also gives you the facility to select your own seats. Baggage tag will be available in the airport only .Online check in also gives you many benefits than any other check in methods. Benefits of online check in.

  • You can select your seats here before any other flyers trying to reach the counter.
  • You can avoid queues.
  • You can get seat booking at cheaper rates.
  • Counter check in formalities will be over.

Austrian Airlines Check-In 

– By call

We are available 24/7  to connect with your calls for more convenience and avoid queues during this pandemic.

You can check-in by calling us at   +1 (718) 719-0464

You just need to provide us your reservation number and other documents required for check-in. Baggage tag will be available in the airport only .Please make your call  before 1 hour of the departure 

Austrian Airlines Check-In 

– Automatic machines

We also provide you the comfort of checking in at our airports with automatic check in machines . Frequently flyers are currently enjoying this check-in  and we also provide luggage check-in one day before your trip.

It is recommended to check-in 1 hour before the scheduled departure to avoid any discomfort while catching your flight with departure time.

You can check in  at the automatic machines through these 4 simple steps- 

Step 1- Provide your six digit booking number or a passport.

Step 2- Select your seat  and print your boarding pass.

             Passenger with carry on  luggage can directly visit security control

Step3-  Identify your identity at the machine and place your luggage on the belt and print your luggage tag and attach that with your luggage.

Step 4- After receiving the boarding pass and baggage receipt you can directly go to the gate, described in the boarding pass and the gate directions will be announced in the airport  and written directions will also be available for you.

It is recommended to plan enough time for all the formalities so that you can travel with comfort.

Austrian Airlines Check-In 

– Counter

Austrian airlines also give counter services to you. However during this pandemic you  can avoid using counters by using online and calling features of our airline. Online and calling features can also save your time and will help you to avoid the queue . 

Wearing masks and maintaining social distance is recommended to all of our flyers in the pandemic period.

Many other countries have their own norms and way of doing work ,please follow those guidelines to avoid any type of discomfort .

Rebooking and Refund is also available – +1 (718) 719-0464

Rebooking is available till the validity period of the the ticket 

Refund is available only with refundable tickets.

We wish all of our travelers a happy journey !

For further details about our norms or  you are facing any issue with Austrian airlines , you can connect with us 24/7 at our customer care center. Austrian airlines have  customer service center in every country we deal. 

 For any query you can contact us at our Austrian airlines check-in number. 

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